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and finally... more hawaii

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Hawaii was more than a hot minute ago. It was 2 months ago. Am I that lazy that I just didn't feel like editing? While that's a real possibility and most of my free time is spent on the water, I have been traveling a little more than usual lately so I'm behind in everything including my tan. 

So where did we leave off? Ahhhh Maui.

You feel like a rain forest? Maui. You feel like the desert? Maui. You feel like surf? Maui. Seriously, if you aren't happy in Maui you aren't happy anywhere. I am going to seriously apologize as I throw photo after photo at you but ... it's Maui! I did rain forests in the rain, the top of Haleakala, snorkeled with turtles, dove with delicious looking fish and chased after whales. My trip was magical. Disney has nothing on Maui (in Denzel Washington Training Day voice). 

Here we go, bombardment of pics

Halekala at sunrise. Notice the cool hiking outfit? Those are my motorcycle socks... it's called improvisation. And it's kinda cute. So back to the landscape, as you see, there's not much, just an awesome view of the world as the clouds are slowly revealing the pacific and these cool little plants called, Silver Spears, which can only be found here. Hawaii has 10 of the worlds 14 climate zones. I present desert, and probably something else that was displayed at the visitors center but I didn't read it. That giant pit behind me is the extinct volcano. Look at how massive that is!! On the drive down (or up) from Haleakala look at what's growing on the sides of the road. You will see incredible one of a kind flowers and trees. 

Yes, my snorkel gear is pink. I make up for it by driving a racing motorcycle. Just kidding... kinda. But look at this! Ignore the fact I am a bad videographer and you'll see there's an octopus and a turtle. Honolua Bay is buried back in a rain forest and opens up to an old boat ramp that has been taken over by wild chickens. Anarchy and chaos run this place but... the snorkeling and surfing are amazing. This doesn't show the massive amount of tropical fish I saw. Also, if you aren't that great at surfing, don't try here, there's a giant unforgiving rock wall adorning the coast. 

The 'Road to Hana' has a lot to see. Some beaches, some black sand, some waterfalls. But at the end it has the bamboo forest. 

Places like this... there are no words. We stand among giants and listen to time pass us by. We leave more complete and with more purpose than when we arrive. 

Don't be discourage by the rain, pack some hiking boots and a rain coat and go. The rain only helps to bring out the vibrant colors and discourage tourists so think of it as more nature to yourself. 

Also on the road to Hana, kick ass food trucks and ice cream stops. Try the lili koi sorbet, you will literally put it on everything, salads, sandwiches, babies, everything.

From highs to lows. Back to the water for diving. If you've never dived on a scooter you have to try it. It takes all the work out of everything, and the more comfortable you get the more fun it is. I have a video of this but it's 17 minutes long and awkward because it was my first time. But lets be honest, everyones first time is awkward, so lets just move along to the next thing. 


5, count'em 5 Humpback whales. 4 males giving chase to a female, such is life. This time of year it's common to watch whales from everywhere, the road, your hotel balcony, everywhere. But take the tour, go whale watching, say "Thar she blows." Being next to these giant beasts is the most humbling experience. 

Enough mai tai's! Onto the next island. The big island. While it is currently covered in hot molten magma (Dr. Evil voice) it was quite pleasant when I was there. A little diving, a little helicopter ride and a little food poisoning, makes any trip complete. Added bonus that I got to discuss how much I hate Trump with people that live on Palm Beach island. Be more considerate and stay in the White House! Stop making my trips home horrendous!

I digress.

I like to dive and snorkel and generally just be in the water. This was the last snorkel spot and it made me sad to see the extensive damage being done to Hawaii's reefs. Small PSA: watch what you put into the ecosystem, it gets back to the water eventually. 

I'm all about the highs and lows, so from the snorkeling to the tops of mountains again. This time Mauna Kea. Bring your sweaters kids this place is cold. And if you don't have 4 wheel drive don't even bother trying to ascend the 22% grade, you'll look like a fool, overheat your engine, and people like me will laugh and judge. Stop on your way up, (they make you anyway) and grab a cup of noodles and pick a park rangers brain. They can answer any question you throw at them and quite possibly solve your relationship problems if you ask. What's at the top? Sciencie stuff. Radar's, teloscpopes, observatories and so much more than can be appreciated by the average human being. There is a fine line here between solving the worlds future problem and respecting thousands of years of history. As tempting as it is, these cinder cones and surrounding areas have significant history to the locals, so out of respect try not to go to far from the path. 

I'm not sure if it's food poisoning or the fact I went from below sea level to just about 13 thousand feet but I wasn't feeling the greatest after this. Watch your atmospheres! As much as I'm sure I did it could have been that tuna jerky that betrayed me. The world may never know. 

Since I'm back logged this might sound off but the next adventure is the masters. F*&k golf but I went anyway. 



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