Salt Island | Sun, sand and February

Sun, sand and February

March 04, 2018  •  Leave a Comment

February seemed like it dragged and had extra days it secretly snuck in there. But it brought so much with it. Races for buried treasure around the dome homes of Cape Romano, a trip to the desert where neon signs from decades past made the most amazing and colorful graveyard, my usual few days back home in jupiter hitting up some of my favorite spots, seeing some of my favorite people and finally, getting back on my paddleboard before my doctor cleared me. But he's just a doctor... what does he know? Seriously... no one tell him! 

This awesome crew at the Red Bull privateers event off Cape Romano. Want some more pics? Visit my facebook page. Hundreds of people and sponsors camping out on they amazing island. Yoga with dolphins, catching mackerel at sunrise, bon fires into the evening and meeting amazing new people. 

You guessed it... Valentines day...Who was my date? My step bro... his handsome mug is below. It's just my face. I have no excuse for this.

First trip back out on the water. 

 35+ hooks! In less than 200 yards. I'm gonna retire off the lead that I find.  Screenshot

Neon lights and high heels... must be Vegas.  Screenshot

How does this thing work? 

Capturing first light at coral cove park. My next bright idea was to sit Jeramie in the middle of traffic in a school zone and request he look calm. One of my favorite pictures I've ever taken of a person, I prefer landscapes, but a zen master under a banyan canopy isn't bad either. Go check out Jeramie Vaine at  coral cove

Seriously, my home has some pretty awesome moments, like this sunrise (above) or this sunrise (below). I think I'm going through my palm tree phase. 


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