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September 18, 2017  •  Leave a Comment

If you're going to escape a hurricane, the last thing you should do is focus on the hurricane. I was lucky enough that one of my favorite people decided to flee the hurricane and she brought one of my favorite small humans with her. I open my eyes at 7 am and see two eyes staring back at me asking if I'm awake. "Coffee...' is all I can say. I throw on some clothes and as small human if she wants to come to Starbucks with me. We go down into the garage and she goes to get in the back seat, "What are you doing? Get up front." I say. She smiles and sits up front. We walk into Starbucks and I order my usual and tell her to get whatever she wants. All I know is it's something frozen so I ask no further questions. We get home "Mommy Mommy I rode in the front seat!" "What the hell Marissa!! She can't ride in the front seat!" her mother says. "Is that a mom rule or state law?" I say. Well folks turns out it's both! Turns out I also gave her daughter espresso. Clearly you can trust me with your child. 

We do our usual adventures, down to the aquarium to look at the whale sharks, rock climbing and back flips, and of course, Mulan on the projector screen. In all honesty I was the only one that stayed awake for Mulan. We make our way to Nashville and take small human to see the country music capital. I can't speak for anyone else but 10 yr olds make the best dance partners. We give her some chicken tenders then drop her off with grandma and go out for explore the many different types and country and marvel at the obnoxious amount of bachelorette parties happening. This... was a fantastic night. 

Before I head back to Georgia I have to side track because what is a trip if I don't take a few pictures. 30 minutes outside of the closest Starbucks is a beautiful farm with an even more spectacular view. I get introduced to a few cows and a random barn cat decides he is my new best friend. This is another world. Then men and women who build these farms from the ground up and keep them going are some of the most wholesome, hardworking and caring people out there. I feel a little out of my element as I stand there in flip flops, but am awed by everything around me. 


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