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August 24, 2017  •  Leave a Comment

Started off the week right with a quick trip back to Jupiter. While everyone had their heads tilted toward the heavens looking for the eclipse I was driving across the state. I made a few attempts to open my sunroof and take a pic but each time I just ended up with more burry pictures of my paddle board and some sun flares. So I decided I may get lucky and someone just might post to social media a few pictures. I got lucky, a few people had actually heard of this eclipse happening. My sister invited me up to Lynora's for dinner and of course I accepted. My sister doesn't like bad food. I get there and in less that 3 minutes she has introduced me to the entire staff and I can't remember anyones name. My sister was right though. The food and drinks are phenomenal. I leave there and tell her we will meet up at U-tiki. Everyone in Jupiter is talking about it and I'm the only person who hasn't been there yet. My sister and Ricky show up, we grab drinks, trade stories and then set out for the night venture; our very first night paddle. We drop in at coral cove and let the wind and tide take us all the way back to Guanabanas. At some point each of us is accosted by a fish that wants to hitch a ride. Several beers and 2 hours later we make it back! But I'm not even to the best part yet.

Tuesday morning I set out to palm beach to get some sunrise shots. I head back up from palm beach to my sisters and knock on her door and hear my niece yelling "She's here she's here!!" Thank god 4 year olds don't hold a grudge because last time I saw her I made her cry. Now that all has been forgiven I am invited inside and asked to help build a fort! Not sure if she wanted me for my engineering background or simply because I'm taller than her and will listen to her every command. My trip is short and sweet. Now off to the next adventures for 3 weeks and already looking forward to coming home. 


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