Salt Island | Fighting moonlight

Fighting moonlight

November 02, 2017  •  Leave a Comment

I prefer to live in my flip flops. They are my first choice of shoe, and, if I had my way, they would be my only choice of shoe. However, there are certain time in life when the beloved flip flop is not appropriate. Such times would include climbing Everest, fleeing an angry mob and night photography. How do I know this? Is it through years of experience? No, it's from the slice I have going across the top of my foot, the TOP of my foot!! Since I have so very little experience taking photos of the stars I thought why not go out and just experiment, that way when I have a good night without the moon I'll be more prepared. I set up to take pictures of the lighthouse and lets face it, this thing looks hideous during the day, it's one of those things that really does look better in the dark.

I'm able to take some shots where the moon is directly behind the lighthouse and it subsequently adds an extra glow (and drowns out stars). Before I leave I think why not go down to the beach and see if there is a good angle down there. Of course I could find a path that would take me down without harm but who has time for that? So I hop the fence and stumble over some rocks in the dark because apparently I can't be bothered to bring out the flashlight in my pocket. Was my perilous trip with it? Meh, not really. So back over the rocks and fence to the jeep. Feeling like a spoiled child that didn't get exactly what they wanted I figured I owed it to myself to make a few more stops. First, the historic village. I see no signs that say "no trespassing" so why not try to take pictures. There's no way I look suspicious wondering around in all black mumbling to myself. Still, too much light. Now where do I go? It's an island, there are only so many choices. I settle on just going to my beach to see if the light would be any better. On the walk down I remember that there is this awesome beach shack that makes me think of Jimmy Buffet's "Margaritaville" every time I walk past it. I. Need. This. But how? I battle some sea grapes and place my tripod just in front of them. As soon as a take a step in WHACK sea grape to the face. This isn't going to be easy. I strategically work my way in and take a few snaps hoping for the best.

And finally, I am no longer that whiny child, I have a picture that makes me happy, for now. I go home, start downloading photos from my camera and look at my foot. Is that blood or dirt? So lessons learned: Flip flops are not rock climbing appropriate and the moon is a fickle adversary. 



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