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Bahamas for the night

November 21, 2017  •  Leave a Comment

A new morning, a new view. Falling asleep in Miami to wake up in the Bahamas is never a bad thing. I wish I could bottle the feeling of the Caribbean water and take it with me. A warm salty embrace as I'm drenched in tropical sunlight. Each minute here stretches and blurs into the next as I try to savor every moment and focus on the present. Due to the short duration of the trip I did not have time for a dive, this just gives me another reason to go back. I was able to make it to into Nassau for an hour and met some wonderful locals with some great tips. While I'm not much for staying in cities when I visit somewhere Nassau has some interesting history and my favorite place was the queens staircase. 66 stones steps with lead you down into a narrow pathway with tropical plants growing up the walls. When the city was under siege from pirates this was the escape route for the governor. In the middle of a modern city this place is a retreat from the noise and the cars to enjoy the quiet and the serene. 

Next stop, Ft Lauderdale. The bright side to the weather turning rainy is I can get some work done and not feel like I'm missing out. So for a few days I sit facing the ocean getting caught up on things that weren't as important as enjoying tropical waters. 

Finally! I get to Jupiter. This trip is reserved for pregnant individuals only. If you aren't with child, I'm not seeing you. My sister joins me for dinner followed by my best friend. It dawns on me that literally all my friends are married and having babies while I'm on my second vodka soda and refusing to grow up. I like my plan. 

Per tradition the next morning starts with coffee and sunrise photos at coral cove. 

The morning is short as I say good bye and take the long way back to Miami. It'll be nice to be home for a few days. 


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