January recap

January 31, 2018  •  Leave a Comment

Where to start? Who knew you could pack so much into one month?

I've spent most of January just running around randomly with no plan and turned some bad luck into some pretty good coincidences. I went out for sunset shots one night but unfortunately the clouds weren't cooperating and I didn't get a single shot.  When I got home I realized I had lost my wallet somewhere along my 4 mile beach walk and now I'd have to go find it in the dark with the tides rising. Not only did I find my wallet but I got to meet two amazing photographers! Rob Hoovis, who does amazing astrophotography, and Randy Traynor, who shots nature and birds. I had my fan girl moment as I gushed about loving their stuff on instagram, if you'd like to have your mind blown go check out their pages. I even got to go shot with Randy the next morning and he was kind enough to share a ton of wisdom with me.

Another happy accident was shark fishing with a few locals on the island. I swear I'm bad luck because everything I join we catch nothing, but was able to get some awesome pictures of the sunset and our feeble attempt. 

I may not be that great at fishing but I make up for it with all the fishing supplies I collect. We were lucky enough to have a few weeks of warm-ish weather so I spent as much time on my board as possible. 

Might have goofed off as well, but am I really a yogi if I don't do a handstand every now and then? I decided to head to Miami early and take the long way through the everglades. Nothing beats a weekend filled with gators and Nobu. Nothing

And to wrap it up I got to go back home to Jupiter this past weekend for my best friends baby shower. I misread the invitation and realized I had a few extra hours on my hands. So sunrise shots at the beach and brunch with my sister who also happens to be pregnant right now. 

And lastly... well I have been feeling like I was a bit in a rut and hadn't taken a good photo in weeks. I was hesitate to go out at first last night because it's so cold and cold is something I don't do, but did anyway. 

let's just say the evening was not wasted.


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