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People really underestimate how great a cruise can actually be. I avoided it for years because I thought there could be nothing worse than being stuck on a boat with screaming kids running free and buffet food. As an adult I found out that yes, there are indeed worse things out there and no, not all cruises are comprised of children trying to rally a mutiny. I am sad to report that as a Floridian, I did not get into diving until a couple years ago, and to make it even worse I was certified in a pool in Atlanta. Be kind...

After years of embracing the surface of the water I've decided it's time to explore what's below. And a quick way to do that? A cruise. Pro tip, Holland America doesn't necessarily cater towards children so if you don't have any little ones and you aren't looking to make any new friends that are 5 years old, I recommend this line. The buffet is very standard but the restaurants, noms. This cruise included stops in Half Moon Cay, Grand Cayman, Grand Turk and Cozumel. And the water in each location? Everything that you'd expect on a Caribbean brochure and more. Turtles, sharks, lobsters, corals and the list goes on. Sadly I didn't get everything on my GoPro but I did capture a little. One thing I have to push, when you go to Cozumel, go to La Perlita. Order a margarita, lion fish ceviche and pulpo a la planche. After you stop hating yourself for how much of a glutton you are you can thank me. Oh, and that "mystery" sauce they give you with the guac and salsa, yea, that's habanero so proceed with cauidado.



That water looks so amazing!
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