Back roads

September 07, 2017  •  2 Comments

I love New York City, but only in small doses. While there's nothing like being able to find vegan hotdogs on a street corner at 3a.m., I'd much rather be out in nature any day. What was supposed to be a quick stop in Atlanta has turned into a bit longer of a stay due to Hurricane Irma. On the bright side that means I have time to get lost in the woods. And that is exactly what I have done for the past few days. The starting point is always the same, get to the place you lose cell phone service. From that point, find a trail that is no less than 3 miles. On Tuesday I did a 6 mile trail "run" to Raven Cliff falls. By run I mean tripped over roots and trudged uphill. But there are 3 falls on the way to the top making the final destination worth it. Raven Cliff falls itself is just a crack in sheer rock that goes straight up. It's a beautiful spot to sit in the sunlight and enjoy lunch. If you dare, you can make it to the top, but the view isn't any better.

Wednesday I decided to Panther Creek falls. This is a 7 mile trail with campsites along the way and a promise of a scenic waterfall at the end. I get to the trailhead and it's pouring rain. No point in turning back, I just drove two hours to be here. Throw on my cap, cover my backpack and set off. The trail starts by going under two highway overpasses and I roll my eyes thinking how good could this possibly be? Just after that I realize I will not be running this trail, too many root and the trail isn't wide enough to trust that you'll trip and be ok. I kind of love this trail. Never a dull moment. Just when the roots stop you get a little break to enjoy a flat space then it's on to narrow walkways, pulling yourself up parts of the trail that have been washed out, and climbing rock. And then... you're there. Now all you have to do is make it back. 


Cindy Williams(non-registered)
I love your have a way with words that makes you feel like you are there!
Love this new blog your tails and pics
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