Where in Florida?

November 07, 2017  •  Leave a Comment

The past couple days have been a little crazy wandering around this great state. On Saturday night I had an event in Orlando so I figured why not go to Disney during the day? Sounds safe right? So I decided on Epcot thinking I'd run into less children than I would at Magic Kingdom and I was right, far less children. What I didn't plan on was the food and wine festival. I like food. I like wine. This should be fun, it'll be like Oktoberfest meets Magic Kingdom! No... It was Oktoberfest meets Walmart. I went to Germany, grabbed my apple strudel and grapefruit beer, and said auf wiedersehen! That night I was attending an Human Rights Campaign Gala and I have to say it was wonderful! The night was made especially entertaining by the fact that there was a catholic convention next door. I have never seen a priest in such a hurry to leave. 

From Orlando to Naples. I missed the beach clean up but I didn't miss a good cause with good people. And to top of the evening a surprise sunset shoot. If you recall in the previous post I may have mentioned that I love my flip flops however they aren't great shoes to wonder around the dark in. Yea, so I wore my flip flops and sliced my foot open on an oyster bed. Still got some awesome pics though!

The next morning I head to Venice to meet a friend and outstanding paddler. At this point this incredibly humble human being reminds me I don't have a chance at beating him at anything in the water. As I'm struggling to stay upright on our 3 mile paddle he looks like a poised ballerina that gently glides along the waves unfazed with a smile. After I manage to make it back to shore I continue taking charge of the day by being dominated in corn hole.

All in all I couldn't ask for a better days with better people. 



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